Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Half an Irish Fest

The most desirable line of bands, to us, for this year’s Irish Fest, fell on Sunday, so that was the day we chose to go although the weather predictions were dodgy. This time, we lost out on that gamble. The day started off nicely enough at opening time, but began to deteriorate shortly after 1PM when a dark cloud unleashed a torrential downpour lasting almost half an hour. We had taken shelter in one of the north end dealers’ tents, so were dry through that. However, rain clouds continued to move in from the west, stall when hitting the lakefront, and rain on the grounds. After a couple of hours of moving from stage to stage dodging rain and trying to find a dry place to eat, we called it a rainout and went home hours earlier than we had intended.

What we did get was good: we sampled sets from Leahy’s Luck, Tallymoore, Navan (beautiful a cappela singing, but unfortunately drowned out by the nearby big stage amps), and Blarney. We caught sets of Irish dancing, and Scottish bagpiping. Patrick Ball, harper, had a particularly beautiful sound with his wire-strung harp, and was a good reciter of poetry as well. We listened to a couple of songs by the Open Arts Community Choir from Belfast, which was indeed a lovely choral group, but not doing Irish music. We lunched on a very nice Irish stew potato from Irish Baker, but the bridie we got from Winston’s for dinner was underdone. Other than that, everything we did get was good, it was just that the tension of watching the clouds and/or being rained on vitiated the pleasure.

And, to add insult to injury, when we got home, where we could have used the rain—it hadn’t rained! Scattered showers, indeed.

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