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Gregory G. H. Rihn

"Guys and Dolls", West Allis Players

on Saturday night the 21st, Georgie and I went to see the West Allis Players' production of "Guys and Dolls," and thought it was excellent.

The show has excellent music, many memorable songs ("Luck Be A Lady Tonight," "Sit Down You're Rockin' the Boat," and others), and funny dialog inspired by the writings of Damon Runyon.

For those not familar with the plot, it concerns the antics of Nathan Detroit and other dwellers in the shallow end of the underworld trying to find a place to hold his dice game ("The Oldest Established Permanent Floating Crap Game in New York") while trying to hide it from Miss Adelaide, his still-hopeful fiance of fourteen years. Trying to raise money, Detroit ropes big-time gambler Sky Masterson into a wager that he can't get missionary Sister Sarah to go to dinner with him--in Havana.

The Player's production has an excellent cast, with excellent comic timing, impressive dancing, and good voices, particularly in the principal roles of Adelaide (Denise Meagher), Sky (Phil Stepanski), and Sarah (Erika Schwane). I was particularly impressed with Meagher, whose Brooklyn accent didn't slip, even when singing. Randy Tranowski as Nathan Detroit lead the men in dancing some very impressive choreography.

The production was very tight, ran smoothly, and was impressively costumed. (Hats for the men, yes!) The large orchestra was bit fuzzy on the opening parts of the overture, but warmed up nicely and sounded good through the show.

Performances continue through this weekend, Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30PM and Sunday afternoon at 2PM, at West Allis Central High School.

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