Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Bastille Days 2012

On Saturday, July 14th, we spent the afternoon at the annual Bastille Days street fair downtown. We had a good, if low-keyed time. The music we heard was pleasant enough, but nothing that caused us to stop and listen. We got a nice lunch from the Coquette Cafe booth, Croque Monsieur for me (melted Gruyere cheese over ham on lightly toasted bread) for me, salmon croquettes with remoulade sauce for Georgie, and an order of "pommes frites", which in this case were French fries, but dusted with a tasty herbal coating and served with "home-made" ketchup, which was more like a marinara and very good. Dessert was beignets from Alliance Francais, which were obligatory.

The weather was close to ideal, with passing clouds and occasional breezes keeping the temperature down below beastly. (We were quite willing to get rained on, but Nature did not oblige.)

The other things we come for, the people watching, street performers, and shopping, were all fun and interesting, even though we didn't find anything to buy. But, given the summer so far, it was just nice to be able to have a pleasant stroll around downtown.

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