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Man In Black 3

On Sunday, June 17th, we went to see "Men In Black 3".

Despite the long time passed since the second installment of the series, the actors and plotline picked up the milieu and attitude quite seamlessly.

Although Agent J (Will Smith) and Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) are still rubbing along uneasily after fourteen years of partnership, there have been some changes at the gleaming white MIB offices. Notably, agency head Zed has been replaced by Agent O (Emma Thompson).

The plot begins with evil alien Boris (aka "The Animal," a sobriquet he hates--) breaking out from a maximum security prison. Boris travels back in time to try to undo his defeat by Agent K in 1969, which intitally changes J's timestream such that he is the only who doesn't 'remember' that K died forty-three years ago. There are other, dire, results from changing the past, which send J on his own desperate jump into the past in order to restore the prober sequence of events and get K back.

This works out with the mixture of humor and adventure we have come to expect from the Men In Black. Josh Brolin, as "Young K," does an uncannily good job of looking, sounding, and acting like Tommy Lee Smith's character, and the energy between him and Smith is both new and familiar. The alien assassin, Boris (Jemaine Clement), an advance man for his race's planned invasion of Earth, is an outwardly Kingonesque warrior who alternates an urbane manner and posh accent with growling rages. CGI effects however, reveal an altogether more unsettling and inhuman creature behind the dark goggles.

There was also a very amusing performance by Michaal Stuhlbarg as "Griffin", an alien refugee who can see alternate futures, and seemed to be channeling Robin Williams as "Mork from Ork"--another blast from the past.

There's lots of good fun along the way, including checking out the (mostly) well done 1969 setting. (Neither Georgie nor I remembered quite that many hats on men, or bouffant hairdos on women, in 1969--.) What was a bit frustrating was that makeup master Rick Baker created a host of 1960's style aliens--bulbous headed green men, bug-eyed monsters, an updated "Robot Monster"--but all we got to see of them on screen was a partof blurry backgrounds panning through the MIB headquarters. Dang!

Disappointingly for an SF film, there are a number of obvious scientific and factual errors, but they are minor distractions.

Recommended for those who enjoy humorous science fiction.

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