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Gregory G. H. Rihn

WisCon 36, Sunday

We started off a bit more slowly Sunday morning, with my first panel being "Addiction in Fiction" at 10 AM. Cassie Alexander, Victoria Janssen, Naomi Kritzer, Derek Silver and I spoke to a small but interested audience, comparing and contrasting real world addictions with those invented for plot and character purposes in fantasy and science fiction.

At 1 PM, we went to Tracy Benton's "We're Not Contortionists" presentation, which critiqued the frequently lamentable state of book-cover and comic art which frequently depicts women in anatomically unlikely poses. The enthusiastic cast of volunteer models demonstrated that a surprising number of the poses could at least be approximated, but also demonstrating how even more ridiculous they appear in real life. This was a very good-humored and fun panel.

Next up was Georgie's panel on "Baba Yaga and Other Retired Goddesses." Delia Sherman was a very interesting and interested moderator (and later said she'd gotten three new story ideas from the panel--). Georgie, Will Alexander, and Catherine Schaff-Stump talked about the significance of Baba Yaga,and her probable history. In one of those WisCon moments, a Russian woman in the audience was invited onto the panel due to her experience reading Baba Yaga stories as a girl. (Sorry I didn't catch her name, but she let us know that the 'proper' pronunciation is "Baba YaGA' with a stress on the last syllable--.)

After that, we went to the "Honoring Suzette Hayden Elgin" panel, and had a nice, if bittersweet, time, acknowleging this remarkable woman's works. A very good job was done by panelists Margaret McBride, Rachel Gold, Margie Peterson, Maevele Straw, and Amy Thompson. We were able to contribute some personal reminiscences from early WisCon days, which were appreciated.

We took our time getting an informal dinner with sandwiches from Potbelly Deli and ice cream from The Chocolate Shoppe, and still had plenty of time to get back and change for the evening.

We got decent seats for the Guest of Honor speeches. Andrea Hairston gave one of the more entertaining GoH speeches I recall, not surprising, given her work in theater, and her Baptist minister Grandfather. Debbie Notkin spoke with feeling about generosity and gratitude in life. This was followed by the Tiptree Award ceremony, wherein Andrea was given her prizes. By the time that part was over we needed to get up and move, so departed for the Sixth floor and parties until bedtime.

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