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WisCon 36, Saturday

Saturday was one of two days at the con that Georgie had 8:30 panels, in this case, "Is a Charitable Society an Unjust Society?", which was inspired in part by the book "Sweet Charity?" which discusses the thesis that a society which relies on charity to meet the needs of the poor and unfortunate is inherently unjust. Georgie, Philip Kavney, Joyce Frohn, Gayle, and Kate O'Brien Wooddell lead a serious discussion with an engaged audience.

At 10 AM, I was on "Designing a Magic System," along with Elizabeth Bear, Alex Bledsoe, Kater Creek, and Catherine Krahe. We had a good discussion exploring many of the different ways magic can manifest in literature, and the limitations that can be built into it so that it doesn't take over the story.

By noon, the Tiptree Bake Sale was open, and that served us as lunch, with some particularly yummy creations on offer.

At one PM, Georgie lead "Sensational Women of the 16th Century." Panelists Cynthia Gonsalves, Angeli Primlani, Valerie L. Guyant, and Betsy Urbik filled the time with lots of great material on Queens Juana "La Loca" of Spain, and Catherine of Aragon, of England; banker and business woman Grasia Nasi; pirate queen Grania O'Malley; and other poets, writers, and courtesans of note.

In the 2:30 time slot, we went to see "Considering The Female Villain." Panelists Valerie Guyant, Richard Chedwyk, Shayla Dunn, Allison Moon, and Rosemary/Sophy gave a lively and entertaining survey of what might be called the current state of feminine villainy, although I would have liked it better if the the panel had reached back a bit further than "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Once Upon A Time," "True Blood," and "Avatar, The Last Airbender," which dominated the presentation.

After that, we took a break from panels and shopped the Dealer's Room, picking up some books from Dreamhaven and Philip Kaveny, and admiring the other things on offer. By that time it was dinner time, and we went out to Kabul Restaurant, a favorite of ours, for a lovely dinner.

Back at the con, we watched the first hour or so of the newly streamlined Tiptree Auction, with Ellen Klages in good form. Over six thousand dollars was raised for the Tiptree fund.

My next panel at 9PM was "Intersection of Trans* and Feminism." I was moderating a panel consisting of Allison Moon, Rachel Gold, and Rachel Kronick, plus a very engaged audience, considering how members of the feminist movement do or do not accept transwomen and how this interaction can be improved for the future. (The discussion centered mainly on transwomen, since there were no transmen in the room--.)

After that, we checked out parties, including the "Goblin Secrets" party, where we made masks for ourselves; the Circlet Press "Adult Hogwarts" party, and dropped in on Tor Books, Scribe Agency, and Haiku Earring before retiring for the night.

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