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Gregory G. H. Rihn

Wiscon 36, Friday

On Friday, May 25th, we drove over to Madison for the 36th annual WisCon science fiction convention, at the Concourse Hotel. It was a good day for driving, which was fortunate, since some accident closed the freeway at Oconomowoc, requiring us to take a "scenic route" diversion for part of the way.

Getting to the hotel about noon, we checked in with the con and the hotel with no problems, and circulated through the halls and "The Gathering" before getting some lunch.

The first event we attended was the "Young Victorians" reading at Michelangelo's coffee house, which featured Tiffany Trent ("The Unnaturalists"), Franny Billingsly ("Chime"), and Ellen Kushner and Caroline Stevermer reading from their works. All the readings were interesting. Kushner and Stevermer were particularly entertaining, as they read different character's letters in their epistolary story which will be forthcoming in "Queen Victoria's Book of Spells". We will be looking up all these books.

Dinner break had us back on State Street where we went to a new small Tibetan restaurant "A Taste of Tibet," which had intrigued me by offering Yak meat specials. How often do you get to try Yak over here? I ordered the sizzling Yak platter, which came with a good helping of meatballs in a brown gravy, a generous quantity of noodles, and steamed broccoli, cauliflower, and carrot, augmented with some roasted potato pieces. Yak meat, even done as a meatball, is dry, chewy, and has a strong "gamy", almost sour taste. Interesting, but I don't think I would care to repeat it. Georgie had the Ginger Chicken, which was good and very gingery.

We went back to the hotel and finished unpacking before going down for Opening Ceremonies. Ceremonies this year were brief, with the entertainment portion provided by the Carl Brandon Society Singers (under the direction of Nisi Shawl), who we understood were filling in for another group that had been unable to go on due to some difficulty. The CBS was in good voice and gave us a nice selection of thematically appropriate show tunes.

Next, we cruised parties, stopping in at the Livejournal and London in 2014 parties, and looking in on the rest. Then we caught most of the 2012 installment of the "Karen Axness Memorial/Women Writers You Probably Never Heard Of" panel. I made note of some interesting sounding titles. After that, we took a last check of parties and went to bed.

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