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Milwaukee Ballet, "Peter Pan" revival

It's rare for a ballet production to be revived only two years after its premier (as least in these parts), but Michael Pink's "Peter Pan" has proven so popular both here, and in Denver, where it sold out twelve performances out of twelve, that it seemed a good ideal all around.

For details of the action, you can see my May 17th, 2010, review at: The plot has remained the same, but the production has benefited from some tweaking, with choreography being tightened up in some spots, and expanded in others. There were some subtle changes as well. In 2010, regarding the first act, I wrote: "The action moves inside with readying for bed as John (Petr Zahradnicek) plays a hook-handed pirate fighting Michael (Nicole Teague) as a feather-wearing Indian. When the pirate loses his sword, Wendy seizes it and joins in, a nice bit of foreshadowing." In this version, Wendy has her OWN wooden sword, and engages John as an equal from the outset. The role of Tinkerbell is expanded somewhat, as she accompanies Peter into the nursery on his first exploration, making her first appearance earlier than I recall from before.

Marc Petrocci, Luz San Miguel, Susan Gartell, David Hovanhannisyan, Petr Zahradnicek, and Nicole Teague all reprised their 2010 roles as Peter, Tinkerbell, Wendy, Mr. Darling/Captain Hook, John, and Michael, respectively. This was a very good thing, as there's nothing like having done a role before and had time to think about it, to allow a performer to find ways to add depth and nuance to a character. This was true of all the principals, but especially of Petrocci, whose dancing is even more bravura than before, and who practically radiates the joy and mischief of the character. All of the cast integrated dancing, acting, and action into a seamless whole. The orchestra, with Maestro Pasquale Lorino also reprising his role, did great justice to Philip Feeney's exciting score.

The result was a performance that was an unalloyed pleasure to behold. It will probably be longer before "Peter Pan" comes around again, but we were very glad to have had the chance to see it this second time.

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