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Alison Bechdel at Boswell Books

On Monday evening the 7th, we went to Boswell Books on Farwell Avenue in Milwaukee for a reading by cartoonist and writer Alison Bechdel, creator of the "Dykes to Watch Out For" comic and author of the highly regarded graphic autobiography "Fun Home," which was concerned with her complex relationship with her father.

Now, she is touring in support of the release of her new book, "Are You My Mother?", which is her second volume of autobiography, and, as you might expect, deals with relations with her mother. This, as Bechdel admitted, was a rather more touchy task than writing "Fun Home," because, unlike her father, Bechdel's mother is still alive and able--though largely unwilling--to comment on the process.

Reading from a graphic novel to an audience would not have been optimal in years past, but, thanks to small portable projectors and programs like PowerPoint, Bechdel was able to project pictures from the first chapter of the book while giving the commentary that went along with them.

The book looks and sounds fascinating--as "Fun Home" was in that slow-motion-train-wreck sort of way--and the audience of easily 200 people was quite intrigued. There was a question and answer session after the reading, in which Bechdel said that she was essentially finished with the "Dykes" comic and had no plans for any more--a disappointment, but not a surprise, given it has been on hiatus since 2008.

We bought a copy of "Are You My Mother?" to take home and read. I'll post something here when I finish it.

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