Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

A Couple of Steaming Piles of Hypocritical Crap--

Could anyone who knows anything about the current state of Wisconsin politics do anything but laugh ironically when when Scott Walker chided unions (most of whom's head offices are located out of state)for meddling in Wisconsin politics, the day after he returned from yet another fund-raising junket loaded down with money from his almost-exclusively out of state donors?

And, another entry in the "What THEY Think of US" department: yesterday's Journal Sentinel carried the front page story "Wife hits man with SUV after recall fight." It seems this Chippewa Falls man was refusing to let his ESTRANGED wife (i.e., they are on the outs--) drive to the polls on Tuesday because he disagreed with her voting plans. He repeatedly stood in front of her vehicle, jumped on the hood, and, when she attempted to drive AROUND him, jumped IN FRONT of the vehicle AGAIN, and was struck and seriously injured.

So: 1) Here's a man who thinks he's got the right to dictate how his wife votes; 2) Thinks he has the right to physically prevent her from going to the polls (probably a crime); and 3) jumps in front of an SUV to stop her voting. Loon, right?

However, the man's brother was quoted in the paper as saying, "These crazy liberal nuts are always pulling this crap." Excuse me? Seems to me the crazy is all on the (avowedly pro-Walker) side here. Not to mention that it's the PRIMARY election, for crying out loud. One more vote for Walker wouldn't have made a difference, and SOME Democrat's going to win the Democratic primary, so why the grief? I suppose one should expect a man's brother to stick up for him, but, in my opinion, it's easy to see why the couple is "estranged".

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