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What THEY Think of US--

In his "No Quarter" column for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel April 30, investigative reporter Daniel Bice related a very telling quote from "GOP campaign strategist" Mark Graul. In discussing the unusual fact that the location of Governor Scott Walker's recall campaign headquarters is apparently a deep, dark, secret, Graul said:

"I don't know that I recall a campaign not publicizing their campaign offices, but based on some of the ridiculousness of the absurd protesters, it make sense not to let those people know where they're at so they don't go over there and dump beer on their heads or any of the other stupid things those idiots do."

Woo! In one breath, Mr. Graul worked in ridiculous, absurd, stupid, and idiots, referring to those of us who protested the Republicans unprecedented power grab last year. So much for respecting others' opinions--. Dump beer on their heads? I don't recall anything like that being reported during last spring's protests, or since. Perhaps mr. Graul is recalling the last baseball game he went to, instead--.

(Note. Mr. Graul is not mentioned as being a representative for Governor Walker or his campaign. Bice describes him as a "veteran Republican handler". He is the founder and CEO of Green Bay-based Arena Strategy Group, LLC, "a full-service grassroots mobilization, public affairs and public relations consulting firm that works for clients in multiple Midwestern states." Mr. Graul boasts a long record as a political operative, but not, evidently, as a diplomatist. Mr. Graul went to work for himself after being caught up in the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal, in which it was alleged that, as chief of staff to Congressman Mark Green, requested and accepted questionable gifts from Abramoff's office,and then was deceitful about it when questioned. )

Note also, that it isn't just that Walker "isn't publicizing" the address of his campaign headquarters, it is definitely at an "undisclosed location," which Walker campaign chairwoman Clara Matthews declined to disclose to Mr. Bice.

The full column can be read here:

I'm not saying that if the location of Walker's campaign headquarters WERE known, they wouldn't be picketed. They probably would be, but it is ridiculous, absurd, stupid, and idiotic to suggest that anyone working there fear any form of assault, as the history of the protest movement shows. This is an example of the pervasive paranoia and fear of the people that seems to be endemic among Republicans currently.

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