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Gregory G. H. Rihn

Mad Hatter Tea, Charles Allis Museum

I happened to spot a reference to a “Mad Hatter Tea,” being given by the Charles Allis Museum on Saturday, March 10th at 3PM, and made us reservations. Instructions said, “Wear a hat! Don’t be late!”—so we did, and we weren’t. Of course we took the opportunity to dress up and were the only people there who were in full neo-Victorian fig other than staff, but we got many compliments on our outfits, and, I think, had almost as many pictures taken of us as did the performers. The museum had an appropriately costumed Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, and Alice who assisted with the serving, but who didn’t really have any particular interaction or “schtick” prepared.

Tea was by local blender Rishi, and quite nice. Georgie had the Peach Oolong, and will be looking to buy some. I tried the Lavender Earl Grey, which was a mild Earl Grey with the lavender only evident after a bit longer steeping than the first cup I had. Food was catered by Lee John’s and was very good. Finger sandwiches on offer included cucumber/mint/cream cheese, salmon, curry egg salad, and peanut butter and jelly. There was also a variety of nice sweets, including lemon curd tarts and mini-cupcakes, among others.

Music during the Tea was provided by a string quartet from Eisenhower high school, who played beautifully. Most of the people attending did indeed wear hats. There were three resplendently chapeau'd members of the "red hat lady" set present, and a mother and daughter pair for which the young daughter had nicely decorated both their hats. We made light conversation with the lady who shared our table, and had a very nice time.

The admission included the Museum proper, and a guided tour by one of the docents, which we skipped having seen the new exhibit before tea, and the main house not long ago.

This was a very pleasant time, and we hope they would do it again some time.

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