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Gregory G. H. Rihn's Journal
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Sunday, March 16th, 2014

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Steampunk Scavenger Hunt, Milwaukee Public Museum
On Saturday, March 8th, we went to the Milwaukee Public Museum for a “scavenger hunt” as arranged by Henry Osier. Although not strictly a steampunk event, it was promoted through the Milwaukee Steampunk Society, and a goodly number of people attended in Steampunk garb.
Unlike the conventional scavenger hunt, in which people actually collect and bring back artifacts, each team of players gets a list of questions which can be answered by study of the museum’s exhibits.

Georgie and I got there about 10AM, and managed to finish all three floors by about 1PM. We had a fun time scouring the exhibits and chatting with fellow steampunks, and as usual discovered some things we had never noticed before. Since it was early when we finished, and we had other things we needed to do, we skipped dinner with the other attendees. Thanks to Henry and helpers for all the work of organizing. With two sets of twenty questions each per floor, considerable effort was involved.

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