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Gregory G. H. Rihn

Skylight Opera Theatre: "The Music Man"

On Wednesday evening, November 23rd, we went to the Skylight to see their performance of Meredith Wilson's "The Music Man." This was the first time that either of us had ever seen this show live on stage (although of course we had seen the Robert Preston film version on TV--), and we were very pleased with it.

Skylight veteran Norman Moses has the role of "Professor Harold Hill." Moses sings, dances, and acts with the skill and verve we have come to expect, and also does an excellent job of getting accross that "we-are-all-in-on-the-joke" trickster vibe so essential to the part.

Niffer Clarke, as "Marian (the Librarian) Paroo" was a good match for Moses with her beautiful voice and elegant carriage. I've never heard Marian's songs such as "Good Night, My Someone," or "'Till There Was You," done better.

They are supported by an excellent cast, notably including charming children in the roles of Winthrop Paroo (Cole A. Winston) and Amaryllis (Keely Alona Savitt). There was a lot of very sharp dancing on the part of the young people in the cast on such numbers as "Marian the Librarian," and "Shipoopi".
The older folks provided a lot of well-drilled comic business that kept the action perking along.

The show was nicely costumed in the fanciful tradition of the musical's origin period, was provided with clever sets, and the necessarily small pit orchestra managed a big, sharp sound. I really couldn't name a flaw with this show. Great fun!

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