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Gregory G. H. Rihn's Journal
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Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

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The Counterfeiters
We wanted to see a movie Easter Sunday afternoon, and considered an uplifting story about faith and belief, but then decided that "Horton Hears a Who" would probably attract too many small children to an early matinee for comfort. Instead, we went to one about a Jew who dies to the world, goes through Hell and is ressurected--figuratively. This was the winner of this year's Best Foreign Language film, "The Counterfeiters." ("Die Fälscher").

"The Counterfeiters" is based on facts regarding the largest (known) counterfeiting operation in history, the World War II plot by the Nazis first, to destabilize enemy economies by flooding them with fake currency, and then to finance thier own war effort. (I say "known" since Britain and the US at least had similar programs vs the Axis, some details of which are still secret, and there are persistent rumors of the US, the Soviet Union, and China forging one another's money into the Cold War--.)

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