March 10th, 2008

Gygax Rememberance in New York Times, cute Geek chart.

You can tell when someone has been of real cultural significance when they pass away and the New York Times is still running valedictory articles a week after their death. The Times has run an interesting little guest editorial by Adam Rogers, a senior editor at "Wired" magazine, entitled "Geek Love", that begins:

"GARY GYGAX died last week and the universe did not collapse. This surprises me a little bit, because he built it.

I’m not talking about the cosmological, Big Bang part. Everyone who reads blogs knows that a flying spaghetti monster made all that. But Mr. Gygax co-created the game Dungeons & Dragons, and on that foundation of role-playing and polyhedral dice he constructed the social and intellectual structure of our world."

Pretty high praise--. The full text can be found here:

The column is also illustrated with an amusing "Geek Chart" tending to show how D&D fits in to the evolution of all us geeky types, worth a chuckle here:

And not to be confused with the Brunching Shuttlecocks still timely "Geek Heierarchy Chart," found here: