March 7th, 2008

Joan Philo Casting for "Public Enemies"--not a good experience!

It is now 2:58 PM in Milwaukee, and the temperature outside is 18 degrees. This is significant, since I have just come from the Italian Community Center down by the lakefront, where Joan Philo Casting will be conducting an open casting call for extras for the upcoming movie, "Public Enemies," and apparently the Joan Philo Casting staff decided it would be expedient to make the people who are coming wait OUTSIDE the building until the call officially starts at 4PM. This is rotten for a number of reasons: first, it is unnecessary. There is plenty of room at the ICC for people to be waiting indoors, and this afternoon there was nothing else going on there that would be disrupted even if there were a bit of congestion. Second, it was not announced beforehand: this was not such a problem for me, since I came with my usual cold weather gear of parka and gloves over my wool suit, but is cruelly hard on the young women who came attired in period just-below the knee skirts, sheer nylons, and pumps, and have no hats or scarves because they have period-styled their hair. Third, the Joan Philo Casting staff LIED as to who was responsible.

(Rant continues behind the cut for length-)

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