November 5th, 2007

Lytheria Halloween Party

Since actual Halloween was mid-week, Lee Schneider set the annual Lytheria Halloween party for November 3rd. The party was well attended and Lee laid out the usual feast and a good time was had by all. There was rather a confluence of Steampunk/Victorian era costumes.

Here's me as "Captain Shakespeare" from the "Stardust" movie (reviewed in my journal, below). Surprisingly, very few of the people present had actually seen this excellent movie, so did not immediately "get it."

Other personages behind the cut:

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Lytheria Halloween production picture

Can you tell I've figured out how to add pictures? Here's one from October 28th's Trick or Treat production.

That's Georgie, center, as Jadis the White Witch, putative Queen of Narnia; Tim Haas, right, as General Otmin; and me, left, as Ginarrbrik.