August 16th, 2007

Music at Jackson Park

One of our local businesses, North Shore Bank, sponsors free concerts on summer evenings in our local park, Jackson Park. We've taken kind of distance notice of this in past years, but paid attention when we saw Leahy's Luck scheduled for Tuesday night the 14th.

Leahy's Luck is a family-based Irish music band with a good sound and a lengthy repetoire of pleasant songs. They are regulars at Irish Fest (which is this coming weekend) and probably got the gig because they have local connections and were going to be in town. Since we had the evening free, we decided to get warmed up for the weekend. We took a couple of light folding lawn chairs, bug repellent, and "security books" and strolled four blocks and into the park. The concert had drawn a very good crowd of similarly equipped citizens, but we were able to find a spot that gave good looking and listening without trouble.

It was very pleasant to listen to cheerful music in the gathering dusk among the trees, the birds, the bats, the cicadas and the tree frogs (which competed with, but did not drown out, the band), the pleasant crowd, their mellow and well-behaved dogs, and the slightly less mellow but generally well-behaved children.

There are two or three more concerts this year by groups we don't know. They tend to vary music types so we may not be drawn there again soon, but, for what it was, this was a very nice evening and something different for us.