November 7th, 2006


I was at the polls just after they opened this morning, and turnout was evidently going to be heavy. I've been itching to vote and be done with it, but it was oddly unsatisfying, since Democrats Herb Kohl and Gwen Moore are "safe seats" so I can't do much else to take the Legislature out of Republican control at this point. For my district, the Dem state legislature candidates don't even have opponents on the ballot, so no change there, either. Of course I would have voted Democrat here, too, anyway. Local office is pretty much a Democratic machine with few challengers, although I voted for the independent candidate for District Attorney (he hasn't a chance in hell, but he's a good lawyer and a caring guy--) and voted for the Republican candidate for Sheriff, because the current incumbent is a stealth Republican anyway, and also a major jerk.

I voted against the awful anti-gay Amendment, which I hope fails although I'm afraid it won't, against the death-penalty advisory referendum, and in favor of one for bringing troops home from Iraq, which of course will have no effect at all.