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Gregory G. H. Rihn's Journal
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Monday, October 9th, 2006

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More Quick notes
Posting still isn't very convenient from here. It's Monday afternoon, and we are winding down.The one major event left is the "Coppelia" ballet at the Statsoper tonight, then the flight home tomorrow.

When last I left off, we were going to Schoenbrunn for the tour, dinner and concert. In brief: Schoenbrunn, a spectacular palace and well worth seeing. Dinner included with the package at the "Rezidenz" restaurant better than expected, in fact very good. Concert at the Orangerie where Mozart used to play, good fun and well done.

Friday, a lighter day. Some shopping, a guided tour of the Statsoper, lunch at Cafe Sacher (home of the famous Sachertorte), and the Secession for the famous Klimt frieze.

Saturday, the lower and upper Belevedere, in that order. The lower Belvedere is one of the nicest and most humanly scaled of the palaces. Then the nearby Military History Museum at the Imperial Arsenal. That evening, "Die Zauberflote" at the Statsoper. FANTASTIC production, wil have much to say about it in details.

Sunday, train trip to Graz. Beautiful mountainous terrain worth the trip alone. Graz is a smaller city with many beautiful old buildings, plus the Landzeughaus, the 17th-18th century arsenal maintained in working condition--which means THOUSANDS of muskets, arquebuses, swords, pieces of armor, etc. Austrian train service very good.

Today so far, shopping, writing, and relaxing. Home tomorrow, after which I will have time and energy to write more.

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