November 2nd, 2004

Getting out to vote.

Georgie and I got out to vote early, and were at out polling place (a nearby grade school) when it opened at 7:00AM. We were numbers 96 and 97 in line, respectively. The lines moved quite quickly, and I was out and on my way to work by 7:30. We observed quite a number of new registrants, something I think is heartening to the Democratic side. One of the attorney volunteers was at our poll, making himself generally useful in making things run smoothly. Poll workers seemed to be handling the glitches (name changes due to marriage, etc.) quite easily and with minimum fuss. I usually vote on the way to work and have NEVER encountered a line of any significance--nothing like this, out the door, down the hall. One citizen, working her way past us to the end of the line, joked that it was "as bad as getting a flu shot." By the time we got to the head of the line, the line behind us was just as long as it was when we started, so I'd estimate this poll would have processed easily more than 200 voters in the first hour. Polls here are open until 8PM, more than enough time to process all of the estimated 2000 or so eleigible voters in each precinct at that rate.

Note: Based upon my observations, I don't think exit polls will be very reliable. We observed a pollster for WTMJ4, a local TV station, cluelessly standing at the doors where people came IN to the school, apparently unaware that finished voters were exiting by another door--.