June 30th, 2004

Mike Stutzman, RIP

Another Milwaukee-area fan, Mike Stutzman, joined the great convention in the sky on June 25th. He was 48 years old. he had been in bad health for some time, related to severe diabetes. I first met Mike at an early X-Con where he stood out for his often manic humor and his love of early animation, especially Warner Brothers and Fleischer Studios. "Mr. Mike's Movie Madness" was a regular feature of local conventions for years, and he was a resource for me when I was running film programs myself. He was always willing to extend himself to entertain others. He made "We Are The Boys in the Chorus" a byword in Milwaukee fandom, and his "AeroboCop" masquerade entry was justly notorious--. Mike wasn't always sweetness and light. He struggled with depression and sometimes appeared to drink more than was good for him, although I'm not sure now how much this was aggravated by diabetes.

Mike was a past president and long-time supporter of the area Star Trek fan club in its various incarnations (I still think of it as "Star Fleet Academy,") and the original Dr. Who club, the Renegade Time Lords. With the demise of conventions in Milwaukee, he spent more time with those groups and we didn't see him very much of late, but he will be missed.