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Lytheria Trick or Treat 2011

Following the success of the recent Robert Downey "Sherlock Holmes" film (sequel forthcoming next month)it was decided that "Baker Street" would be the theme for this year's "Trick or Treat" production.

Lee Schneider did his usual awe-inspiring job building and decorating the set, which represented Holmes and Watson's sitting room at 221B, with fireplace, bookshelves, and a really nifty chemical bench (kudos to Lytheria resident Dave Martin, who researched period chemical labels) to which I contributed my brass microscope.

Lee asked Dr. Chuck Tritt to play Sherlock, and Bob Seidl to do Watson. Me, he asked to reprise my theatrical role of Professor Moriarty, and Georgie to do Irene Adler. We also had Inspectors Lestrade and Gregson, Thaddeus Sholto (The Sign of the Four), Violet Hunter (Adventure of the Copper Beeches, two Mrs. Hudsons (who worked in shifts answering Holmes' door), and assorted thugs,
street urchins, and Londoners.

The main routine was that Mrs. Hudson would admit a group of trick-or-treaters, Holmes, Watson and I would introduce ourselves, and if we had time would interview them about what brought them there, and whether they were interested in joining the Baker Street Irregulars or Moriarty's gang (a short, exciting life of crime, as I put it). most voted to go with Holmes, but either way, everyone got a candy bar, a tour of the lab bench given by one of the other players (Lestrad, Adler and Sholto all got in on that act) and the chance to find their way out via the secret door in Holmes' coat closet (a non-canonical addition of ours--).

We had a good time, and the trick-or-treaters seemed to as well.

Baker Street Cast: Top row: Jack the Ripper, Moriarty Gang Thug
Second Row: Navvy, Violet Hunter, Victorian Woman 1, Inspector Gregson, Baker Street Irregular, Victorian Lady 2.
Third Row: Thaddeus Sholto, Victorian Lady 3, Mrs. Hudson 1, Cook.
Fourth Row: Dr. Watson, Irene Adler (largely hidden, I'll post a better picture when I can get one-), Mrs. Hudson 2.
Fifth Row: Sherlock Holmes, Professor Moriarty, Inspector Lestrad, Victorian Young Lady.
Front: Victorian Girl

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