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Gregory G. H. Rihn

Milwapa collation and Halloween party

Halloween festivities continued on Saturday the 29th, with the monthly Milwapa collation held at our house. Physical turnout was small, due to Icon that weekend, colds, and printer failures, but we were pleased to have long-time Illinois fans Dick Smith and Leah Zeldes Smith appear. It happens that Dick's grandfather owns a home in Wauwatosa that Dick and Leah will be living in and working on for a while, dividing time between here and Illinois.

Saturday evening was the annual Lytheria Halloween party. I had been enviously eying the expensive "Professor Snape" costumes in the Museum Replicas catalog, when it occurred to me that I actually HAD parts that could be made to do Snape. I had a black wig, originally purchased to do "Guy Fawkes"--many years ago, pre-"V", although I used it for that costume also--. Black academic robe, check. Black nehru jacket, purchased to do "PsiCorps". White regency shirt, gives that long cuffs effect we see on Snape. Black trousers and elastic-sided boots, check. I also have my very own wand in a fancy serpentine grained wood that I bought from "Ironmonger Jim" yea many years ago, long before Harry Potter was even a gleam in Rowling's eye, and good to go. People at the party thought the "transformation was remarkable," and I thought the effect pretty good, although I probably ought not to have washed the wig--.

Georgie did not have a particular character in mind, so just went as her fabulous self in fancy dress, pulling out a lovely green and silver (Slytherin!) gown that hadn't been out of the closet in a while. She looked great, as you may judge from the picture below.

Professor Snape and friend at Lytheria Halloween, 2011.

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