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Gregory G. H. Rihn

Schroeder/Grade Wedding

Saturday, September 17th, we were pleased to help celebrate the wedding of our niece, my sister's daughter, Robin Schroeder, to Kurt Grade. The wedding was held at the Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church in Mequon, Wisconsin, which was a very nice venue.

Robin had particularly asked her Aunt Georgie to do the wedding cake, and the two of them collaborated on the design. The result was a beautiful three-tiered cake with white frosting, layers edged in black ribbon, and an elaborate design picked out by hand in black frosting on the sides of the layers. The cake was finished with real red rose blossoms, and was the subject of general admiration. (Making cake and frosting, then assembling the cake, frosting the layers, and doing the decorations took Georgie the best part of three days--.)

The cake colors reflected the wedding theme, which struck me as a bit Goth for an eleven AM wedding, but worked nicely. The bride wore a simple white strapless gown with empire waist, subtle beading, and short train. She did without a veil, instead having her hair done in a lovely basket-weave braid pattern ornamented with small white jewels. The brides attendants wore black, cocktail-length strapless sheath dresses, and the men wore black suits, red shirts, and silver ties, the groom being distinguished by wearing a silver shirt.

Live music by a small ensemble began and ended the ceremony. Rev. Phillip Hillenbrand performed the service in a light and informal but dignified manner, which we appreciated.

The reception followed the service in the church hall, and was very nicely catered with a variety of hot and cold snacks. I ended up doing the cake cutting (Georgie does not cut her cakes--) and did a workmanlike, if not especially neat job of it.

All my siblings and spouses and most of their children were able to attend, so that was good. I was sad that neither my father, who has passed on, nor my mother, who cannot travel, were able to be there, although my brother Mike took video which Mama might be able to view. We were, however, able to meet my first grand-niece, Alice Teresa Schroeder (my nephew Edward's daughter), for the first time, she being all of not-quite three weeks old. So life goes on.

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