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Milwaukee Masterpiece Auto Show, 2011

Sunday afternoon the 28th, after the ballet, we drove down to the lakefront to see this year's Milwaukee Masterpiece Auto Show. Sunday is the best day to go, since that is the concours d'elegance day, and has most of the classic cars. They are judged on such things as best of type, best preservation, best restoration, paint, interiors, etc. This year, there were two featured types. It was the 40th anniversary of the Jaguar "E" type--if you think of a 1960's era Jaguar sports car, that is the one you are picturing--, and they also had a special section for fiberglass bodied cars. There were a surprising number of such cars built as early as the 1950's, mostly in small numbers, and many of them extremely futuristic looking, even by today's standards. There were even a couple of cars made by Glasspar, a company much better known for boats. I am particularly fond of the "E" Jags, so was very interested and pleased by the turnout.

This is a really excellent show, with good examples of a lot of rare marques on display, including Talbot-Lago, Delahaye, and Lancia, among others. Dates of construction ranged from a 1905 Cadillac touring car to a 1991 Porsche. There was a very nice selection of the Wisconsin-made Kissel, a powerful and well-appinted car that was a darling of Hollywood stars in the 1920's, but was killed by the Great Depression as so many other brands were. Best of Show was a beautiful 1930 Stutz M Supercharged 'Lancefield' Coupe, a picture of which can be seen here:

We spend a very nice couple of hours walking around the show grounds at Veteran's park, and I added a lot of photos to my collection.
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