Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Sue Blom's Book Exchange

At noon on Sunday the 12th, we went to Sue Blom's house to help her set up for her "Book Exchange," an idea she had had to help recirculate local fandoms redundant books. Georgie had agreed to help set up and organize, and I was along for the trip. Sue had several dozen science fiction novels and anthologies she wanted to pass on, and our first task was moving all the books she wanted to keep out of the living room and dining room so they were out of danger.

We ended up having SF and F on the dining room table, mystery/suspense on a dining room desk, non-fiction on the living room sofa, and miscellaneous fiction on chairs in the living room. There wasn't a huge turn-out, maybe eight to ten people all told, and way more books were brought than taken away (especially since Lee Schneider took the opportunity to clear out the Lytheria library's closet--), but fortunately Sue had a plan for that--orphaned books will be donated to the public library.

We had a very pleasant afternoon chatting with the people who came by about the books and life in general. Sue wasn't discouraged by the small turnout for the first attempt, and is likely to plan another for some future time.

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