Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

"Cogs and Roses" Steampunk Picnic

Saturday afternoon, June 11th, we went to the residence of Chuck Tritt and Julianne Hunter (a.k.a. "Commander Charles S. Tritt" and "Lady Julianne", to go by their Steampunk Empire personae) for their "Cogs and Roses" steampunk-themed picnic, for which their 1880's vintage farmhouse with its spacious veranda and broad lawns was a perfect venue.

Of course, we dressed appropriately. Georgie wore a dark red bodice with gold-tone gearwheel "sequins" and a coordinating print bustle skirt with sensible boots and a flower-adorned sun hat with attached goggles. I wore a cream silk blazer with beige linen trousers, accessorized with an Italian straw boater hat and brown-and-tan spectator Oxfords. I got a number of compliments on my vintage Ralph Marlin "butterfly" bow tie, and on the resin-cast gear pin I used to hold a red rose buttonierre in place (which matched the corsage I had gotten for Georgie).

Despite the cloudy and rather chilly day, the event was well attended with over thirty people showing up. In a way, the cool temperature was not bad, since it made the Neo-Victorian garb easier to carry off than it would have been had the temperature remained in the 90's as earlier in the week. There was a wide variety of very interesting and clever outfits on display and we were quite impressed.

Lady Julianne had comissioned a cake from Georgie, who succeeded in producing a beautiful large cake with an elaborate gear design augmented with coordinating rose details. The cutting of the cake was one of the main events of the afternoon, and was accompanied by champagne toasts (sparking fruit juice for the non-imbibers).

Another discrete event was the pinata. Commander Tritt had converted a football shaped pinata into a dirigible by adding gray paint, fins, and a gondola decorated with pictures of Victorian people. Knocking the pinata down was quite an undertaking. Stick-wielders started with the youngest people present, and worked up well into those age 30 and above before the gasbag finally split open and spilled out its candy cargo. Much hilarity was had, as when the gondola separated from the gasbag and fell to earth, prompting Georgie to cry, "Oh, the humanity!" which was echoed by the other spectators.

The croquet challenge was ongoing. This was one of our cross-country layouts, going up,down, and around the rolling grounds. Lee Schneider laid out the course, plus built the steampunk inspired wickets out of piping and gears, some of which were mechanically interactive.

From what we were able to see, a good time was had by all. We certainly did.

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