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Wiscon 35, Sunday

Sunday morning, we didn't start quite as early, with my first panel being "Ooku" at 10:00AM. We were fortunate to have a scholar of Japanese history and some others very conversant with various genres of manga on the panel, and I thought I made a couple of good points from the Western, male reader standpoint. There was a lot more that could have been mentioned about this very complex work than we had time for, so the panel moved along rapidly and covered a lot of ground. I was a bit surprised that none of the Japanese attendees were on the panel, and also that they all seemed to be in the audience. I wonder what they thought of it? At least they seemed to be enjoying it and didn't laugh when the rest of us weren't--.

After lunch break,I went to my last panel, on "The Evolution of WisCon," while Georgie had "Audacious Women of the Eighteenth Century." While the History panel, including myself, David Emerson, Jeanne Gomoll, Tom Porter, and Bill Humphries was a good panel and brought out some surprising bits, it was poorly attended with a significant number of the audience members, such as "Orange Mike" Lowery and Carl Marrs, being people who could just as well have been on the panel. It appears that fannish history is not a big draw, with most of the attendees being more focused on the present and the future--.

Georgie's audacious women panel was better attended and sparked a lot of interest, as did
Wild Women of the 17th Century" the year before. A synopsis of the panel has been helpfully posted by panelist Cynthia Gonsalves on Livejournal in the WisCon community.

In the next segment, we moved around, bought some things in the Dealers Room (books, natch) and caught bits of the "Lit Up Night" and "Not Another $%&" Race Panel" panels.

Georgie was back on for "Where ie the Indigenous American Fantasy?" panel, which was also a very well-researched and well-presented panel with a number of very passionate and well-informed panelists, and I am sure a lot of audience members went away with ideas to use.

We went out to dinner at Kabul restaurant, accompanied by Mary Prince, and got back in time to relax a bit and change before Guest of Honor speeches. The program was opened by Timmi Duchamp and others giving a very touching and heartfelt tribute to the late Joanna Russ, who had touched the lives of many present. Nisi Shawl's guest of honor speech was a very nice piece on recognizing and nurturing genius around and inside you. It had the distinction of being perhaps the only GoH speech we have had that was in part sung. I'm not sure I share Nisi's enthusiasm for classifying Michael Jackson as a "genius", gifted entertainer that he was, but I must say she made a good case. The program ended with presentations by the Carl Brandon society and the by-now obligatory Tiptree Committee song, honoring this year's winner, Baba Yaga Laid an Egg.

We enjoyed the parties at a bit greater length this evening, noting with pleasure that the tradition of dressing up Sunday night was still being carried on (with some interesting energy from the "Genderfloomp Dance Party" added).  Georgie's ensemble got a lot of compliments, and we went to bed feeling very good about this year's WisCon.

We were feeling tired Monday morning, so just packed up, got breakfast at Michelangelo's, and headed home, but we were very happy with this year's convention in all aspects.

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