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Gregory G. H. Rihn

Wiscon 35, Saturday

Saturday, the day began early, with Georgie's panel on "Northerness" which explored the lure of the North in literature and folklore, in particular exploring differences between the European and Canadian/Alaskan views, with a healthy bit of Icelandic lore thrown in. (This panel got written up in "A Momentary Taste of Wiscon" as "only at WisCon do you have the audience and panel simultaneously chanting Norse sagas." Well, it was more like two audience members and two panel members reciting a short section, but still a nice moment. The panel was fun, informative, and well received by an appreciative audience.

I was up next with "Age and Treachery: The Older Fan," which dealt with how fandom has changed, and our strategies for staying current, preserving the good parts of the past, and leading the newer fans into productive paths. There was considerably more "age" than "treachery" on exhibit as I, David Emerson, Gerri Balter, Chip Hitchcock, Jeanne Mealy and Deb Stone reminisced about the better parts of our fannishly mis-spent youths and how to continue the goodness into the future. Regrettably, the audience was neither large nor young overall, but did seem appreciative.

After lunching at the Tiptree Bake sale, we went to the "Traveling Fates" concert in the Assembly room and were very pleased by it. We were not familiar with any of the musicians, but found they gave an excellent performance in a filkish/folkish/rockish genre we enjoy (compares favorably with Tallis Kimberly, or example--).

After that, we dropped in on the "Evolving Animal Intelligence" panel, a topic we are both interested in, and thought the panelists did a very good job of discussing how non-human intelligence in terrestrial creatures might be defined, measured, and differ from the human. They also reviewed the current findings on whales, octopuses, and birds, among other creatures.

Next, we went to the "Bechdel Test in Books" panel, but were rather disappointed. It was a rather narrow topic to begin with, none of the panelists seemed prepared with examples to discuss, and the panel ran out of steam early on. We did not stay until the end.

At dinner break,we went out with Darlene and Steve for an unrepentantly luxurious and delicious dinner at Nadia restaurant on State Street, and came back to the hotel in time to catch part of the Tiptree auction and a sampling of parties before winding up for the night.

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