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Gregory G. H. Rihn

Wiscon 35, Friday

We got to WisCon a bit after noon Friday the 27th, and as usual, began making connections with friends and acquaintances. We were able to link up with Jeanne Gomoll and Scott Custis early on and gave them custody of the cake that Georgie had prepared for the Tiptree Award 20th "birthday" party that evening. (Cake pictured below.)

We walked and talked our way around the Gathering, dropping off a small donation for the Tiptree Auction as we did so. We also dropped into the Dealers' Room and made arrangements with Darlene Coltrain and Steven Vincent Johnson to go out to dinner the following night. We ran out and got a late lunch/early dinner at Mediterranean Cafe, and got back in time to take in the panel on "Dressing to Make a Statement" which was quite a lot of fun. It was interesting to hear about the contrasts between garb genres which are basically "anything goes," such as current "Steampunk," and those that have more rigid expectations, such as "Lolita" and its various sub-genres.

We went to the Opening Ceremonies, with a very minimalist but humorous quiz-show skit presented by Think Galactic, and then cruised parties until it was time for my first panel, "What is the duty of a citizen?" Rich Novotney gave a good shot at moderating the panel but was a bit overwhelmed by very opinionated (and well-prepared) panelists such as myself, Richard F. Dutcher, and Geoff Ryman, not to mention a motivated and engaged audience. This was a very good and very informative panel that generated a lot of courteous debate about the nature of citizenship and the citizen's relation to the state and other polities. I was very glad to have had Geoff Ryman on the panel, since he, as technically a "subject" of the United Kingdom, gave some non-USA perspectives on the issues. I don't think we ever succeeded in defining "citizen" to the satisfaction of the audience, but some interesting and viable alternatives were proposed (I will write mine up as a separate entry.) After this late panel, we only took a quick look at parties, and then to bed.

We were in and out of the Tiptree party, and I missed the cake cutting due to my panel, but Georgie brought me a piece--. The cake was admired both for its decoration, and for its excellent flavor. The large cake, sixteen inches in diameter, was devoured by grateful guests in a very short time.

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