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Gregory G. H. Rihn

Burrahobbits, "The Lyre of Orpheus"

Tuesday evening, the 26th, our fantasy book discussion group, The Burrahobits, met at the home of Sue Blom to discuss Robertson Davies' novel, The Lyre of Orpheus.

The Lyre of Orpheus fits marginally into the fantasy category due to its mystical element (the ghost of E.T.A. Hoffman comments on the action) and its Arthurian connection: not only does the book deal with the making of an opera based on the legend of King Arthur, but the events of the Arthurian canon begin to have parallels in the lives of the characters. Besides, we just like Robertson Davies--.

The novel is an entertaining look at the continuing lives (this is the third of a trilogy) of a group of people part of, and associated with, Davies fictional Toronto University, and, in particular with the decision to mount a full production of a "new" opera based on unfinished music composed by Hoffman, as reconstructed by an eccentric graduate student, and all that that entails in the way of artistic, academic, and interpersonal maneuvering.

Davies' work is very good for those of us who appreciate a low-keyed comedy of manners, particularly in an academic setting. (We have two professors in our group, who found The Lyre of Orpheus amusingly true to life--.)

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