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The Adjustment Bureau

We caught this latest (loose)film adaptation of a story by Phillip K. Dick on the 11th at our local movie house, and were very pleased with it.

Matt Damon ("The Bourne FITB") stars as David Norris, an up-and-coming young politician whose life seemingly goes off the rails when he loses an election but meets the charming Elise (Emily Blunt, "Young Victoria"). The plot deals with the conflict between Norris, who tries to keep his life on the new, better (for him), track, and the cryptic forces of "The Adjustment Bureau," who are intent on having him follow "The Plan." As with a lot of Dick-derived movies, going into too much plot detail would spoil it.

The movie, from the screenplay by George Nolfi is intriguingly philosophical, includes a good love story, and, as Georgie noted, almost qualifies as a good dance movie, too. The contest between free will and the powers of the Adjusters is carried out cleverly, with enough action to be interesting, yet not so much as to be ridiculous. Damon and Blunt carry the movie very ably, and have a good cast of antagonists in Anthony Mackie as Norris' personal Adjuster; John Slattery as "Richardson," his frustrated boss; and Terence Stamp as the frightening "Thompson." The movie is further enlivened by the cameos from real-life political figures like James Carville, Mary Matlin, Jon Stewart, and New York mayor Michael Bloomberg.

I have to say that I thought the ending was a bit weak, but reasonably satisfying, and didn't detract too much from an otherwise very good movie. I would guess that if you liked "Minority Report" (we did), you might like "The Adjustment Bureau," noting that most of the peril in "The Adjustment Bureau" is of a spiritual nature, and the film is much lighter on violence than "Minority Report."

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