Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Historic Concordia Neighborhood Home Tour, 2010

Saturday, June 19th, was a lovely day in Milwaukee, and so a lovely day for a walking tour of homes in the Concordia neighborhood, the 20th annual such tour of open houses in that historic area.  We had ordered our tickets on-line and picked them  up at the Tripoli Shrine Temple just before the 11:00AM start time.

As usual, the tour included a good mix of the houses in the area ranging from very grand houses at 2834 and 2825 West Kilbourn Avenue to more modest homes such as 945 North 29th.  As with several of the tours we have been on,  there was one house, 915 N. 28th, that was very much a work in progress of being restored, something we always find interesting.

Several of the houses had been converted into rooming houses or duplexes and were since converted back. One different case was the house at 1016 N. 29th, which had been constructed as a side-by-side mirror-image duplex, and was in the process of being converted into a single-family home. The owners of this property had also done much with the large lot, adding both substantial off-street parking space, and an attractive rain garden to compensate for the runoff.  

We are always interested to see what people do with the houses they have, in the way of decorations and furnishings, and on this tour, 836 N. 34th St. took the prize for “coolest” with its children’s rooms featuring raised beds built to look like galleons. We agreed that we would have cheerfully given eyeteeth to have had them when we were kids--.

This was a particularly pleasant and tour of this always interesting neighborhood.

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