Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn


This year, we did something we've never done before--went to a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner.

Cliche-wise, of course, this is something only sad people do: lonely singles with no friends in a new city, people who can't or don't cook, or people who can't or don't cook, or people who've been routed by a last-minute kitchen disaster.

We are none of these, but this year the family decided to scatter at the last minute. One couple off to Arizona, one deciding to stay home for a change, etc. I was just about to investigate joining the Lytheria gang (which is a pleasant and desirable experience and by no means a last resort) when an advertisement for Mader's, the famous Milwaukee German restaurant, came into my Inbox offering a Thanksgiving day buffet.

This caught my because, for a very reasonable price, not only would there be turkey and stuffing, but also roast leg of lamb, sauerbraten, kassler ripchen (smoked pork chops) and a truly impressive array of side dishes. I showed it to Georgie who agreed it looked tempting, and I called up and made the reservation for noon on the 26th.

We arrived as scheduled and found a back-up of cars getting into Mader's lot and so parked on the street. We were seated quickly, and service was cheerful and quick. The buffet was truly impressive, including a full array of breakfast selections as well. Apparently, this is Mader's normal "Sunday brunch" with turkey added!

Well, we sampled as much as we could, and it was all delicious. The restaurant was very full, with lots of cheerful and happy people. We accompanied the meal with a very nice Gewurztraminer, and finished with excellent apfelstrudel and Black Forest cake.

This was a real treat, the more so since we were going to be cooking for a dinner party on Saturday, and were frankly glad not to on this day. I would definitely do it again if things work out that way in future.
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