Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Halloween 2009

Since Oct. 31st actually fell on a Saturday this year, local communities moved the “official” Trick-or-Treat periods to Saturday as well, which gave us the unusual situation of having the T-o-T production and Lytheria Halloween party on the same date.

 The day began early for us, as I started make-up about 10AM, “building” the false beard I would wear as Ivan the Terrible. I did a dark brown beard with dramatic gray streaks which I thought worked really well and was one of my more impressive efforts. Then getting into costume came next. For Ivan, I had black “Ren Faire” pants bloused into knee boots, and a black shirt under a black diamond quilted tunic decorated with small silver spangles at the junctures of the quilting. Over that for outdoors I wore my black shearling coat, which kept me nicely warm. Accessories were a fur hat with plume, leather belt with large silver studs, leather gloves, some jewelry, and a staff topped with a metal skull and shod with a wicked point, similar to the one with which Ivan supposedly killed his son, Ivan. As is often the case, all this I had on hand except for the tunic, which Georgie acquired at a costume shop sale this summer with this part in mind.

 The same sale had yielded Georgie a magnificent gold and black Elizabethan dress, which she wore with multiple strings of pearls and a queenly headdress for her role as Elizabeth I, Queen of England.

 I should mention that this year’s theme was “Night at the Museum,” taken off from the two recent movies, so the production cast were mostly historical characters. This made it easy for a lot of us to costume, so we ended up with twenty-eight people involved in this year’s effort, which I think might be a new record. (See picture below--).

About eleven, we packed up and drove over to Lytheria. Besides our own gear, we were packing costume parts for Jackie Hanchar to be Amelia Earhart (jacket, flying helmet, goggles, aviator scarf) and for Todd Voros to be Napoleon (coat, vest, bicorn hat), and a bag of white crepe hair to do a “Leonardo Da Vinci” beard for Lee Schneider.  We wanted to get there early because I correctly guessed that Lee would be a moving target for the multi-step beard layering process, and I wanted it to get done before we actually had to start.

The set closed in the front porch, and was signed as “National Museum of History, Milwaukee Annex.”  Inside were some wall niches and pedestals, a variety of artifacts, and a historical globe that opened to reveal the candy stash.

As usual, the dining room gradually became a flurry of hairdressing, making up, last-minute sewing and lacing in, but it all came together about fifteen minutes before opening time.

Since I was well insulated for the chilly weather, I decided to work out on the street, along with other characters such as Boudicca, Charles Darwin, Catherine the Great, and Anubis, who kept the crowd entertained while waiting their turn to go through. After a slight delay, we pretty quickly had a line of people waiting that lasted all afternoon until after technical closing time.

As Lee had mentioned, the party started almost immediately after we closed, as we merged basic breakdown of the set with garnering warm drinks, and then food.  Other residents of the house that weren’t involved with the Trick-or-Treat but were helping with the party soon had the table groaning with the typical spread that Lytheria parties are known for.

We were glad to see friends make it in for the party, some from as far away as Madison. We had a good time, but folded our tents about 8PM due to the length of the day.

Night at the Museum Cast (From Top):


Col. Theodore Roosevelt; Historical Figure 327; Museum Security; Ms. Not Appearing in This Picture (bunny ears); Pharaoh Akmenrah;  Official Photographer; Leonardo Da Vinci;  Voice of Easter Island Head; Anubis; Easter Island Head.


Susan B. Anthony.


Museum Guard 1; Christopher Columbus; Ivan the Terrible; Larry Daley; Elizabeth I; Amelia Earhart; Marie Curie; Sacajawea; Charles Darwin; Boudicca; Museum Food Service.


Athena; Annie Oakley; Cheetah; Jedediah Smith; Octavius.


Sally Ride; Catherine the Great.



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