Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Anniversary Dinner

October 6th was our actual wedding anniversary, and we celebrated by
going to Sanford for dinner, which is our favorite spot for special
occasions. We were very pleased to see that the restaurant had a pretty
good house going for a Tuesday night.

We got a table in the back corner that we frequently get and began
studying the current menu. After a hard decision making process, Georgie
decided to have the Wild Coho Silver Salmon, and I had the Seared Sea
Scallops and Lobster. For dessert, Georgie ordered the Tart Cherry
Clafoutis with Morello Cherry Ice Cream, and I ordered the Caramelized
Plum and White Chocolate Bread Pudding with Malt Ice Cream in Plum
Broth. We don't usually order a whole bottle of wine, but Sanford is
having a special: twenty wines priced at twenty dollars a bottle for
this, their twentieth anniversary year. We chose a Spanish sparkling
rose, which was festive and went well with both entrees.

As usual, everything we had was delicious and perfectly prepared.
Georgie's salmon was moist, rich and tender. My scallops were seared
just right, and the piece of lobster tail was not either underdone or
cooked to rubberiness, both of which I have had at restaurants that
ought to know better. Desserts were exquisite as ever. The Cherry
Clafoutis is a perennial favorite with us and stood up to past
experience. The Bread Pudding was a new entry, which I also found
excellent. The Plum Broth, in particular, was just amazing.

Service was prompt, cheerful, and competent, as we expect. If you like
fine dining, and can afford it, Sanford is THE place to go in Milwaukee.
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