Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Anniversary Party

This month marks our 25th wedding anniversary--Oct. 6th. We decided to
have a party to mark the occasion, something a bit more modest than the
20-year blowout we had. So, we sent out invitations for an "open house"
2-8PM Saturday the 3rd, covering most of Milwaukee fandom, family, and
some few out of the city whom we thought might be able to make it.

Party preparation got into gear, I kid you not, Labor Day weekend. Ours
is a small house, and we knew we would need to push back the clutter as
much as possible, not to mention cleaning everything that could be
gotten at. The last couple of days before the party were filled with
shopping, baking, and cooking. Georgie made three cakes, I made deviled
eggs, we bought drinks, snacks, spiral sliced ham, and other cold cuts.
The party guests expressed amazement that food just kept coming out of
the kitchen--for all that, we had a gallon of apple cider and two pounds
of potato salad we entirely forgot to put out--.

The first guests arrived pretty quickly after 2PM. I guess you can tell
it's a geek party when one of your guests brings his notebook computer
with him and casually rips CDs while chatting. We had a good turnout and
things were definitely standing room only for a good part of the
evening. Besides the general cheer, a couple of our young friends put on
an impromptu dance performance on the staircase, and Georgie introduced
several new people to her favorite sport of "street conkers" (kicking
black walnuts down our driveway for distance in hopes one will be
crushed by a passing car--).

Of course, 8PM was not a hard limit, and the last guests rabbled out
about 9:30, leaving us tired but feeling that the party had been a
success, and that the house glowed with the charge of joy and pleasure
it had accumulated. Thanks to all who could come, to those who thought
of us but couldn't make it, and to all, new friends and old, who have
helped make our lives the awesome experience they have been these
twenty-five years.
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