Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

A birthday party

Saturday night the 15th, we drove over to Madison's West Side to Shish Café, for a birthday party for Madison fan and artist Steven Vincent Johnson. Steve and his wife, artist Darlene Coltrain, are old friends of ours, and Darlene had conspired with Georgie to produce a surprise birthday cake.

Steve had known that they were getting together at Shish with "a few friends" as they often do when Darlene's daughter, Fritha, performs there. (Fritha is a professional Middle-Eastern dancer who performs under the name "Farida".) He didn't know, however, that this was to be a birthday party, or that "a few friends" would amount to twenty friends, neighbors, and relatives.

Georgie produced a delicious lemon cake, decorated with a parody of one of Steve's own art works, "Transmigration." You can see the original here:

--and then imagine the floating rocks transformed into cupcakes and ice cream cones--. Both Steve and Darlene were very pleased with the results.

We had a very pleasant evening, enjoying a chance to talk to some friends we usually only get to gasp out a few words to while galloping to one WisCon event or another. It's also always a treat to see Fritha dance. The food at Shish (Mediterranean with a Syrian accent) was good as always, although service was slow due to our large party and the Saturday crowd. (Evidently, the dancing brings them in!)
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