Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Milwapa and Bardic Dinner, 08-23-04

Saturday saw the monthly Milwapa collation. As it was a summer collation, we met at Todd Voros' residence for the obligatory combination with pool party. Since it was the August collation, it was also Kelly Lowrey's birthday party. (Kelly is Milwaukee's most fannish child; not only is she the daughter of vary active fans "Orange Mike" Lowrey and C.K. Hinchliffe (aka Cicatrice duVeritas)the August Milwapa collation these eight years ago was literally her first stop on the way home from the hospital, at age three days. She went to WorldCon with her parents two weeks later--.)

Bardic Dinner convened that evening at Gate House, the residence of Sheila Haberland, Tim Kozinski, and John Fritz. The food theme was High Tea, the centerpiece of which was cold sliced pork loin with apples, provided by Lisa Mason. Georgie made dessert, which was raspberry tarts with Chambord and whipped cream. The reading theme was Egyptian mysteries, and I read "King Rhamsinitus Versus the Thief," by Herodotus, "The Locked Tomb Mystery," by Elizabeth Peters, the account of the opening of King Tut's tomb by Howard Carter, another factual piece debunking the "mummy's curse," and excerpts from "The Curse of the Pharohs," also by Peters, and "The Mamur Zapt and the Men Behind," by Michael Pearce.

Being August, attendance at both events was somewhat light, but everyone presendt seemed to have a good time.
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