Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Wings: Milwaukee County Zoo.

Zoos, like museums, have discovered the value of travelling exhibits,
and the Milwaukee County Zoo is no exception. Last summer, they had the
sharks and rays exhibit, and this year they have "Wings from Down
Under," an interactive experience that features two aviaries and
approximately 1000 birds belonging to three Australian parrot-type
species. These are the Grass Parakeet (very similar if not the same as
the parakeet that is kept as a pet), Cockatiels, and Eastern Rosellas.
The birds are free-flying in the large aviary cages that you get to
enter. You are also supplied with a food stick (a popsicle stick with
seeds stuck onto it with honey or something the birds like) and you can
entice them to come and eat from your hand. It is actually quite easy to
get a bird to perch on the stick and eat as you hold it, and we saw some
people get birds to perch on their fingers as well. The numerous
parakeets are boldest, where as the brightly colored Rosellas are both
the fewest in number and shyest, so getting one to come to you can be
considered an achievement. It's quite enjoyable to be in the cage with
the hundreds of birds twittering around you, although having a batch fly
past your head can be a bit unnerving at first.

We went May 31st with a friend who keeps parakeets, and she was quite
delighted. We had fun, too, and enjoyed the rest of the Zoo also.
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