Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

State Fair Part 2

On Friday evening the 8th, we ran out to hit a few parts of the State Fair that we didn't get to last time. Specifically, we are both particularly fond of the Belgian draft horses, whaich, along with the Percherons, are always in the second week of the fair (Clydesdales are in the first week, including the delightfully named Armageddon Farms horses--.) Getting into the fair grounds, dinner was our first goal, and we got burgers at the Wisconsin Cattlemen's Association booth, which, in my view, are some of the most delicious hamburgers on earth. On the way, we were delighted to note that Da Yoopers would be performing on the International stage, and we stopped back to catch the start of their set. If you are not familiar with Da Yoopers, they are a wonderfully vulgar comic band based in Michigan's Upper Peninsula (or U.P., hence the name), and have a lengthy repetoire of songs about life in the supposed howling wilderness, hunting, fishing, drinking, and the hazards thereof. Their best known song is probably "The Second Week of Deer Camp," the chorus of which goes like this:

"It's the second week of deer camp, and all the guys are here,
We drink, play cards, and shoot the bull, but never shoot no deer,
The only time we leave the camp is whan we go for beer,
The second week of deer camp is the best time of the year!"

There was to be Belgian cart judging at the Coliseum at 7:00PM,so we ambled over there to find that it is evidently a popular event, since the place was packed to the rafters. Instead of trying to shoehorn ourselves in, we walked up to the horsebarn and got a close look at the animals being readied for competition, and then stationed ourselves along the route the rigs would take from the barn to the show floor and admired them as they went by. On the way out of the fairgrounds we bought some chocolates and more Helmut's strudel--yum! Between the two visits we hit all the fair we care about, which made it a "fairly" good year for us.

Da Yoopers' Offical Real Live Web Page:
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