Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
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Also on Sunday the 5th, we caught a matinee of the new animated film, “Igor.” As can be told from the trailer, it is about the archetypical hunchbacked lab assistant, who aspires to make his mark as an Evil Mad Scientist in his own right. The film’s rather edgy premise is that the small county of “Malaria,” once a peaceful Balkan-esque nation, suffered an ecological disaster that wiped out the economy, and forced the state to exist by the threat of terror, specifically by sponsoring Mad Scientists to come up with ever more horrid inventions, and then extorting payment from the international community NOT to loose them on the world. (Rather like North Korea’s nuclear program--.) Turns out that, although our Igor (voice by John Cusack) is rather good at the science, he is, as befits a sympathetic protagonist, not so good at the evil part. However, that lack is more than made up for by the machinations of King Malbert (Jay Leno), Dr. Schadenfreude (Eddie Izzard) who covets the throne, and his questionably loyal henchwoman, Jaclyn (Jennifer Coolidge).

The movie is clever and amusing, but is not all that funny, nor are the dramatic parts very exciting, which seems to be partly an artifact of timing and script, and partly a matter of indecision about how “black” it wants to be. Some parts are downright disturbing, many of them featuring “Scamper,” (Steve Buscemi) the experimental rabbit to whom Igor has given both intelligence and immortality and who doesn’t want either of them, resulting in a series of (mostly) off-screen suicide attempts. The production and plot borrow liberally but unevenly from “Nightmare Before Christmas,” “Young Frankenstein,” and the old “Milton the Monster” cartoon show, but don’t really gel in to a satisfying whole. End result, amusing for matinee or second-run prices. Animated, but too grotesque and violent for young children.
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