Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Georgie Schnobrich to be Fan GoH at OddCon!

I'm very pleased to say that Georgie has been invited to be Fan Guest of Honor for OddCon 2009, and has accepted the invitation. Of course, she's endeared herself to OddCon with her series of Cow mascot designs which have graced T-shirts and publications since the first OddCon, but she has done more than that. She has had many pieces of writing and art published in zines ranging from Janus and Khatru to Chunga and Wabe, the latter of which garnered her a FAAN award nomination. She has illustrated fiction for chapbooks published by Charles DeLint and in Tales of the Unanticpated. For several years, her cakes and artwork were regular parts of the Tiptree prize, for which she holds the coveted "Space Babe" pin, and Georgie was a member of the Tiptree Award jury for 2005. Since arriving in Madison she has been a member of con committees for WisCon, X-Con, Mad Media, First Contact, Costume Con, and several WorldCons. She is a past co-chair of WisCon, and was Programming co-chair for First Contact during its existence.  She is a past member of MilwAPA, and still contributes her thoughtful and witty writings to The Turbo-Charged Party Animal APA.  She is a regular con panelist on a wide-ranging variety of subjects, likes to costume, and throws a darn good room party.  She is truly a Renaissance Fan, and I'm not just saying that because I am married to her.  (If I was, I'd be sure to add that she is beautiful, too--).
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