Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

MilwAPA collation

May MilwAPA collation was held Saturday afternoon at the home of Leah Fisher. Turnout was lower than usual due to some members being held up by work or illness, and tone was a bit subdued. Leah brought out her "Books of Destiny" to be scanned through. The "Books of Destiny" are books that Leah has been taking around to SF conventions and other events for decades, gathering autographs, greetings, bits of artwork, poems, and other remembrances that people might care to inscribe. Over the years, it has become a truly extraordinary collection. The purpose of going through them was to locate Greg Nowak's entries from years past, but in so doing, we also remarked upon the other "absent friends" who had gone before, the famous names, the funny entries, or the notations we ourselves had made and long forgotten.

The June issue of MilwAPA will be the official Greg Nowak Memorial issue. Collation will be held at the residence of Todd Voros Saturday afternoon, June 21, and will include the usual cookout and pool party that we have at Todd's in summer. Past members of the APA have been invited to contribute to the issue.
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