Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

F*ck the Pollsters!

OK! Pollsters and pundits came a cropper in New Hampshire, possbly because the people there are proud of being Pretty Damned Independent. In light of this clear demonstration, I am hereby initiating the "Fuck the Pollsters" movement. This is something I have done myself in years past, and would now like to see made general. It would not be so bad if polls were honest, but my own exposure to polls has made me aware that most poll questions are crudely slanted in favor of whomever is paying for the poll. Therefore, we DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS! (I frequently consider putting a message on our answering machine that says: "Hello! The persons at this number do not buy anything, contribute to anything, or answer any poll questions over the phone. Friends or persons we have asked to call us on business may leave a message after the tone." However, a combination of being on the Do Not Call list and a service called Privacy Manager take care of most issues, so I don't have to be that rude on tape--.)

Wisconsin will be late in the Primary season, but I expect the number of snooping calls to ramp up as the election date approaches. So here's my plea: whether you live in one of the upcoming Primary states (Michigan, South Carolina), the "Super Tuesday" states, or one that comes later, when the pollsters call--tell them NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! Then hang up. Don't let yourself be used as grist for a campaign or cause you don't support, or to tear down someone you do. Spread the word! Let's see if we can bring the polling industry to its knees! (Unlikely, but a fun prospect--). Preserve your privacy today!
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