Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Pirates of the Carribean

On Sunday afternoon the 20th, we went to see "Pirates of the Carribean," which was great fun! We had already decided that we wanted to see it just for the cast--Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, and Orlando Bloom, but the good reviews and word of mouth from friends made it a must. These three join up-and coming actress Keira Knightly (last seen as tomboy Jules in "Bend It Like Beckham,) and a very able supporting cast, including Johnathan Pryce as Governor Swann, Jack Davenport as Commodore Norrington, and a lot of suitably scurvy pirates. Johnny Depp steals every scene he is in as "Captain" Jack Sparrow, either the worst or the best pirate on the Spanish Main depending on circumstances. He is facinating, since his pirate captain seems to have discovered both ganja and "camp" two hundred years in advance of the rest of western civilzation. he doesn't actually smoke dope, but seems to be in a permanently semi-stoned and semi-swishy state (it isn't just the permanent kohl around the eyes or the beads in the hair that on one else wears--). Keira Knightly as Elizabeth Swann, the Governor's daughter, has a GREAT female hero role. She is smart, tough, determined, and capable, rescues the heroes as much as they do her, and only succumbs to a screaming fit once--understandable, since that is when she discovers the grisly effects of the curse on Barbosa (Rush) and his crew. Given the fantasy elements, the plot holes are surprisingly few, although one does wonder why none of the experienced sailors question how the Black Pearl can be the fastest sailer in the Carribean with her sails in tatters, or speculate about the "Flying Dutchman"-like fog bank that seems to trail her where ever she goes. Orlando Bloom is stalwart and swashbuckling as Will Turner, the clean-cut hero (and makes a good foil to Depp's likeable rogue) and Geoffrey Rush is both growlingly treacherous in the best Long-John-Silver fashion, and tragic as the man under a curse who is willing to kill in order to be able to taste an apple again. The "ghost pirates" effects are truly nice, especially when they are going in and out of the moonlight--. Truly a good movie! For those with young fans, there is no nudity, foul language, or much blood--on the other hand, the haunted pirates are pretty scary. We will definitely see it again.
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