Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Mystery Men Finale, 07-19-03

Saturday afternoon the 19th was the ultimate meeting of the "Mystery Men" game sequence. When last we left out party, they were preparing to foil Dr. Nova's sinsiter plot to discredit all the local superheroes and replace them with his own "Nova Men." The party had discovered that Bodybuilder, the local hero sponsored by Silver's Gym, was scheduled for disgrace that evening at the St. Aloyisus street fair, whare he would be making a personal appearance. Style queen Makeover had planted herself with Bodybuilder to watch his back, and the others were dispersed throughout the grounds to look for trouble. Trouble found them as, in rapid sucession, villains UFFO shorted out the power to the carnival, stranding the Plumber on top of the Ferris wheel, Mr. Natural and Drummer Boy challenged Bodybuilder, and the gigantic mutant BGH broke out of his camouflage and began terrorizing the populace. The Plumber (literally) swung into action from the top of the wheel into a desperate combat with UFFO and his deadly electrical claw. Bodybuilder, Makeover, and The Spider Man closed in on Mr. Natural, and Militiaman engaged BGH, while Winter attempted to locate the Nova Institiute black van. A general melee ensued, complicated by the appearance of villainess Krystallnacht on the church hall roof, where she proceed to support BHG with her lasers and sonics. Our heroes were suceeding in overcoming the villains when the Nova Men interfered. The crew succeeded in disabling EnergyMan, Herb, and Chi Man, while Yoga Woman tugged Krystallnacht (who had been dazzled by Militiaman's pyrotechnics) to momentary safety.

Meanwhile, Winter had gotten to the black van, and discovered Dr. Nova inside operating the mind-control machine. She was interrupted by Nova's henchman, the Subliminal Man, who of course sneaked up on her. A fight followed, with MilitiaMan coming to Winter's aid, Yoga Woman and Krystallnacht, attacking him, and the rest of the party converging on the scene. Winter managed to reverse the mind-control effect of Nova's machine, and takeover HIS mind. At her direction, he shut down the remaining villains (with a momentary glitch as Krystallnacht went wild under the influence of an LSD spider) and then spilled his entire plan to the amazed police.

All characters got a nice PR boost, as well as a decent monetary reward from companies that had been the targets of the Wild Bunch's eco-terrorism. Makeover got the spokesmodel gig for Silver's gym, The Spider Man a local TV show ("Arachnid Hunter"), and MilitiaMan's custom guns and ammo business took off. Winter was able to invest in starting her own computer security firm. Plumber refurbished his truck with new customizations, and could afford new TV ads.
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