Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

MilwAPA Collation 223:

Things were calm on the fannish front through the week until Saturday the 12th when we got busy again. Collation for MilwAPA #223 was held in the afternoon at the residence of Trinlay Khadro’s uncle, who graciously allowed her to host there. The collation went briskly due in part to a lower than usual number of submissions (due to pending con deadlines) but volume of the issue remained up because of the annual April “Mayhem Illustrated” section. This part was more somber than years past due to an actual ongoing war, but we tried to find some bright spots. The event was enlivened by Trinlay’s presentation of awards for her contest to guess the origin language of her zine title “Dewachen.” I won the prize for closest guess (Chinese) and was presented with a very handsome small origami dragon clutching an origami rocket ship. Mike Vande Bunt also got a prize, who’s foray that “dewachen” was the opposite of “watchen’” and “made (Trinlay) blow tea out her nose.” Mike also got an origami dragon, this one holding a paper tea cup.
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